Record year in 2009 for Cooper Tire Europe OE customer

British car maker the Morgan Motor Company set a production record for new car sales in 2009, according to a recent Autocar magazine article.  Cooper Tire Europe is extremely proud of its long association with Morgan as an OE supplier.
Historically, sales of Morgan cars have remained relatively static at around 400 cars per year, but demand from mainland Europe, especially France and Germany, resulted in a massive increase of cars being built at the company’s Malvern factory.
Output was expected to total around 690 cars for 2009.  With the introduction of the £125k SuperSports, an open-topped version of the Aeromax, Morgan is expecting another big year in 2010 with sales heading for 740 to 750 new cars.
Cooper Tire Europe supplies Morgan with Avon ZV5 and ZZ3 ranges from its Avon Tyres brand.
Cooper Tire Europe Business Development Director, Steve Cundy, said, “The OE market is one that Cooper or Avon generally does not operate, however we are extremely proud of our long association with Morgan as a regular OE customer. So it’s great to see them bucking the trend, considering the global credit crunch and being an exception to the rule in new car sales.”
Tyres sold to Morgan in ’09 included Avon ZZ3s in 225/40R18 and 245/40R18 as front and rear fitments for the Aero 8 model and 225/35R19 and 245/35R19 as front and rear fitment for the Aeromax model.