Popular travel blogging family prefers Avon Tyres

A family currently on a motorcycle trip of a lifetime have chosen to use Avon Distanzia tyres for their memorable trip.
Aad Schram, his wife Jeannette and son Mike are currently in South America enjoying a round-the-world family motorcycling holiday while uploading their adventures on a popular website, earth-roamers.blogspot.com. Their current trip began in 2012, Aad explains: “I've had motorcycles for over 30 years and enjoyed quite a few trips on them, but this was going to be a bit more than a holiday. It started, as always, with wild plans. Right from the beginning Mike wanted to do Alaska to Argentina. He also wanted to see Europe, Russia and Mongolia (to name but a few). I was looking forward to Norway, the Baltic states, England and Portugal. Jeanette joined in with Africa and New Zealand. If we could pull it off, it was certainly going to be a long trip of many years. We also had to slot in work somehow as we are not millionaires!”
For Aad – a traveller of some experience – there was only one choice of tyre: “Why did we chose Avon Distanzias? Tyres are very important. I've had very good experiences ever since I fitted the first set of Avons on my 1971 Triumph T120. Every bike that I fitted with Avons became a better handing one, including the 2009 T100 Bonneville I have now. In my view, spending a bit more for good tyres is more important than spending a lot more for a better helmet. The grip of the tyres makes the difference between staying up or going down and good brakes are useless with low grip tyres. On warm sunny days a lot of tyres perform well, but Avons allow me to ride in wet weather and through the winter knowing I can rely on them. When this trip came up I wanted something more than a road tyre.”
Both Aad and Jeanette use Triumph Bonnevilles and Mike a single-cylinder Yamaha XT660R. Aad says: “Sure you can do the Dalton, the Denali and the Top of the World Highway on road tyres but more grip on gravel and dirt can be the difference between finishing the trip joyfully or in hospital. We also wanted something we could use on the road without vibrating to death. Mike's Yamaha came with another manufacturer’s tyres and they seemed okay but the front was struggling for grip when wet. After they had worn out, we fitted Avon Distanzias and the difference was enormous. Much more grip in the wet! I was a little concerned about fitting Dual Sport tyres to our Bonnevilles though. It's a road bike after all, not designed for this or this kind of tyre but we fitted the Avons and haven't looked back. The Distanzias have proven to be the best wet weather tyres we have ever had.”
The trio left for New Zealand in November 2012, stayed there for four months before shipping the bikes to Vancouver and riding up to Alaska. Since then, they’ve been up the Dalton Highway (the Ice Truckers road made famous in the TV series of that name) to Deadhorse, crossed the Arctic Circle, went into the Brooks Range and the Top of the World Highway to Dawson city, before turning south again. Via Jasper and Banff, the trio entered the USA again and visited as many of the national parks as they could. They then entered Mexico and rode through the Baja. They have just celebrated the arrival of 2014 in Lo de Marcos, a small Mexican town on the Pacific Coast – and still the Avons keep on going!
“Unbelievably they not only grip well but also last long,” says Aad. “This is not a combination I expected. Both Bonnevilles have about 14,000km on the rear and plenty of tread life left! The Yamaha, being a single, is a bit harder on tyres but still gets 16,000km out of a rear!”
For more on their adventures, go to: www.facebook.com/Earth.Roamers or read their popular blog at earth-roamers.blogspot.com.