Avon Tyres has expanded its already sizeable winter range programme with the addition of new sizes to fit a broad variety of popular high performance cars and 4x4s.

Introduced to tackle the precarious driving conditions motorists face from November onwards, the Ice Touring ST and the Ranger Ice have been introduced for high performance saloon cars and 4x4s, respectively.

The Ice Touring ST’s wide, low profile design combined with its specially-engineered tread pattern delivers superb grip and handling in winter temperatures. Its high silica content, together with extensive siping, helps keep the tread blocks flexible at very low winter temperatures, which aids grip in the wet and traction in the snow. Wide spacing of the tread blocks also helps prevent the tread clogging up with snow.

The Ice Touring ST has an asymmetric tread pattern and is available in a range of popular 15-, 16-, 17- and 18-inch rim sizes covering H and V speed ratings.

Meanwhile, the more rugged Ranger Ice boasts an aggressive tread pattern developed to cater for modern, high performance 4x4s. It features Avon’s patented ‘Snow Groove’ - a unique serrated cut that provides extra traction on icy, snowy roads. The high silica rubber compound helps maintain the tread’s flexibility to provide optimum road holding and assist in clearing snow from between the grooves.

The Ranger Ice’s innermost two tread blocks feature straight grooves, which aid traction even further in adverse weather conditions.

The T-, H- and V-rated Ranger Ice has a wide range of sizes available from 15 – 19-inch rim fitments.

The Avon Tyres brand is owned by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe Ltd.

Posted on 7th June, 2007

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