Harry Potter flies the flag for Britain by using Avon Tyres!

Young wizarding hero, Harry Potter, can be seen in his latest epic adventure on a motorcycle and sidecar shod with Avon Tyres!
In the latest instalment of his adventures, entitled ‘The Deathly Hallows – Part 1’, Potter, played by actor Daniel Radcliffe, is rescued from his non-wizarding relatives’ house by Robbie Coltrane’s character, Hagrid.
The machinery used to magic Harry away from the evil ‘Death Eaters’ is a Royal Enfield Bullet Classic, matched to a Watsonian Manx Sidecar with the bike shod with Avon’s Roadrider tyres.
Royal Enfield UK supplied a number of sidecar outfits to be used during the filming of the dramatic chase sequence, in which the flying bike and sidecar are chased by Lord Voldemort’s evil henchmen. The scenes were filmed on location in and around London, including a climactic scene in the city’s Blackwall Tunnel.
Speaking about Harry’s choice of tyre, Avon’s Global Motorcycle Sales Manager Graham Matcham said, “We’ve had a long relationship with Royal Enfield, as we are the original equipment tyre supplier to this legendary motorcycle manufacturer. We don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but obviously we’re overjoyed that our tyres helped Harry give the Death Eaters the slip during part of the film, while also giving the bike maximum grip and longevity.”
The film premiered earlier this month in London and was on general UK release from November 19.