Castle Combe instructors trust in Avon VP2 tyres

Avon’s VP2 sports tyre family has been selected by Castle Combe’s team of experienced motorcycle instructors for use on track days.
British-based tyre specialist, Avon Tyres, has the VP2 range in a wide variety of fitments, specifically designed for today’s sports bikes and trackday machines. They come in three versions: VP2 Xtreme for trackday use, VP2 Supersport for road and track use and VP2 Sport for road use.
Castle Combe holds 12 motorcycle track days a year at its 1.85-mile Wiltshire venue. Events range from regular track days for newcomers and experienced circuit riders alike, to the Motorcycle Elite Performance Track Days, which are for experienced riders only who have previous knowledge of Castle Combe.
With so many events and many miles to be covered with safety, longevity and performance in mind, the circuit’s instructors say there was really only one choice.
Rob Jones, chief instructor for Castle Combe Race Circuit, has raced many times on Avon’s VP2 Xtremes. He says, “I’ve also raced on rival brands, but I feel the front-end feedback on the VP2s is even better than on some brands’ race tyres.
“I recently raced on a Ducati 748 at Aberdare Park and the VP2 Xtremes worked very well. With the track only being a mile long, you wanted a tyre that quickly got up to operating temperature and the VP2s didn’t disappoint – that is something you also want from a good road tyre.
“As an instructor, I see so many people use what is effectively the wrong tyre on their bikes. They see what tyres are being used in various racing classes and then they put them on their road bikes, but the thing is, the tyres may not be getting up to the correct temperature on the road. The VP2 family is perfect for people’s needs on the road and on track days and they’re priced reasonably too.”
Peter McNally, Avon Tyres’ Technical Product Manager for Motorcycle tyres, also stresses the importance of picking the correct tyres for the right use. He says, “Many people ‘over-tyre’ their bikes on the road. This is where they may be using race tyres because someone has told them they’re the best available.
“Tyres designed for high-performance motorcycles on the road – like our VP2 Supersport and VP2 Sport tyres – are designed to work across a broader temperature spectrum, which means they last longer.”