Avon Tyres showcases new 3D Ultra sports tyre at EXPO

Avon Tyres will be at this weekend’s Motorcycle Trade EXPO show, where its exciting new sports tyre range – 3D Ultra – will make its debut.
The 3D Ultra range is a new range of tyres for sports-oriented motorcycles and comes in three, distinct versions, which include:

  • 3D Ultra Sport
  • 3D Ultra Supersport
  • 3D Ultra Xtreme

3D Ultra Sport: gives sportsbike riders the perfect compromise between grip and durability, offering a large, stable footprint, fast warm-up times and high-performance, silica-rich multi-compound, making them perfect for the road.
3D Ultra Supersport: a soft-compound version of 3D Ultra Sport for road and track, offering excellent grip under hard braking and acceleration.
3D Ultra Xtreme is for track days only and both its profile and footprint is optimised for big lean angles, while the soft compound is ‘thermally stable’ for huge grip levels.

All versions of 3D Ultra offer some advanced features. 3D Sipes are cut into the tread of the tyres, and these feature interlocking three-dimensional points which improve stability, grip, limiting tread flex and allowing the tyre to warm-up in less time. A new design of wind-on-belt material is used in the construction of the rear tyres, which helps to increase the footprint size at all lean angles, improving grip. Triple Extrusion or ‘TE’ tread compound places durable rubber in the centre of the tyre to give good mileage and softer compound on the shoulders of the tyre producing increased grip where you need it most – in the corners. A third compound below binds both together and helps keep the tyre cooler, so it lasts longer.
On both 3D Ultra Sport and Supersport, Avon Tyres’ unique Avon Road Hazard Warranty is included.
Other news for 2012 includes new sizes for Avon Tyres’ popular Cobra cruiser tyre. New sizes include 140/75-17, 170/70-16 and 190/60-17. These sizes mean that Cobras can now fit a wider range of large capacity cruising machines.
EXPO is the traditional trade opener to the forthcoming motorcycling season and is held at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre. EXPO 2012 is being held from Sunday 22nd until the following Tuesday 24th January.
Avon Tyres will be on Stand 530 and throughout the three-day event Avon Tyres’ staff will be on hand to discuss the 2012 motorcycle range, hand out the new 2012 Data Book and Fitment Guide and speak to dealers and the trade about the new 3D Ultra tyres as well as the existing range.