Avon Tyres Motorsport partenaire du Group C Racing 2015

Avon Tyres Motorsport has announced that it had signed a three-year contract to provide Avon slick and rain tires, Group C Racing.

The Championship Group C is for sports cars and sport prototypes that participated in the most prestigious automobile races 80/90, which are among the most modern and sophisticated cars in the history of motorsport.

Zoe Copas, the Director of Group C Racing, said: "It's great for us to be engaged with Avon. They have a long experience in the history of GPC and have won several World Championships GPC2 in the 1980's enthusiasm for Avon GPC is particularly illustrated by the means they have made to build a range of tires and a personalized service and fully adapted to our 2015 racing program. "

Paul Coates, The CEO of Avon Tyres Motorsport equally enthusiastic, said: "We are very pleased to participate in Group C again. We developed radial tires specifically tailored to C1 cars, in addition to our existing range of diagonal C2 tires; the latter being brilliantly illustrated during the last historical Daytona race, when the Porsche 962 and Audi R8 both pavement Avon tires, had won their respective races, despite stiff competition. "

The first race of the 2015 Group C will take place in Barcelona on 17 and 18 April, followed by Spa, Monza, Silverstone, Zandvoort and Paul Ricard.

All tires designed specifically for the Group C will be available at the exclusive distributor of the Avon range of racing tires, BMTR.