Avon Tyres’ new ZZ5 offers ultimate performance

Developed and tested on European roads and race tracks for supreme handling, the Avon ZZ5 is Avon’s latest ultra high performance tyre designed to achieve maximum grip, when it is needed.
The new Avon ZZ5 features an Intelligent Asymmetric Tread Design (IATD) which is divided into three fundamental zones:
1. An inner shoulder designed to give high contact pressures to promote balanced treadwear and enhanced grip
2. Continuous central grooves to ensure efficient water clearance
3. A wide continuous outer shoulder to give confident handling in both wet and dry conditions
To complement its high performance characteristics, the Avon ZZ5 also benefits from Optinoise technology ensuring a quieter ride.
Designed and developed on some of Europe’s most challenging roads and race circuits, including the legendary Nürburgring for high speed durability testing, Avon’s newest offering in the ultra high performance tyre arena delivers all the attributes an enthusiast driver demands.
Additional wet and dry performance testing took place at locations in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain to hone the Avon ZZ5’s credentials as an ultra high performer.
The tyre’s newly developed Tri-Arc mould shape for improved contact pressure distribution and its tuned construction work together to offer crisp, predictable handling. 
The Avon ZZ5 is W and Y rated and available in the following sizes:
255/35 R18 XL         94Y
235/35 R19 XL         91Y
255/35 R19 XL         96Y
225/40 R18 XL         92Y
235/40 R18             91Y
235/40 R18 XL         95Y
245/40 R18             93Y
245/40 R18 XL         97Y
245/45 R18 XL         100W/Y