Around the world man and top UK bike magazine praise Storm 2 Ultra

Avon Tyres’ successful sports-touring tyre – the Storm 2 Ultra – has received praise from a round-the-world adventure and Britain’s number-one motorcycle magazine.
Mick Høy from Denmark is in the middle of a round-the-world adventure on his 1996 Honda VFR750 and he has good reason to appreciate the qualities of the new-for-2010 Storm 2 Ultras. He says: “Back home in Denmark I can get around 10-12,000km (6210 – 7452 miles) from one rear tyre. During my travels through Africa from Spain I did 19,827km (12,312 miles) on one rear Storm 2 Ultra. Crazy, but true! And the VFR weighs 450 kilos when fully loaded! These tyres give me great grip in hot and cold conditions. They got me through some of the toughest roads in the world, which can be found in Angola. I even ran the tyres partially deflated to get me through sand. Eventually I had to replace the tyre as it had three leaking punctures which I had fixed with plugs! There was still 3mm of tread left on the tyre. The Avon Storm 2 is an incredible tyre.” 
And that’s not all. The UK’s biggest motorcycle publication – Bike Magazine – gave the Avon Storm 2 Ultras four-stars from five in their sports-touring tyre test, confirming what Mick already knows about the Storm 2 by saying that these were their best choice for long-life. Road-test Editor Mike Armitage – who runs Storm 2s on his long-term Kawasaki GTR1400 said of the tyres: “These tyres quickly feel good and immediately show a sporty side. They offer abundant grip and steer quickly. They’re also good at dealing with bumps when leant over. These are very good tyres: and their stiffness and the track record of the original Storm 2 suggest to me they’ll last well.”
Peter McNally, Avon Tyre’s Technical Product Manager for Motorcycle tyres says: “It’s satisfying when we get confirmation of the improvements we’ve made from the original Storm tyres. In our tests, on average the Storm 2 gave around 12% more longevity than the original Storms, and what Mike says about their ability to absorb bumps is another area we tried to improve with a new construction. We all know the state of the UK roads is such that the ability to absorb bumps in the road is a big benefit. And it seems that Mick is finding the same during his round-the-world journey.”
Avon Tyres is a Cooper Tire & Rubber Company brand, and has been designing and manufacturing tyres for many different motorcycles and specifications since 1885 and manufactured their first motorcycle tyre in 1911.
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